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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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Natural Building Futures
Wednesday, September 21, 7-9 p.m.,
At North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski, Chicago. Free.

Join our five panelists in discussing our "Natural Building Futures". Find out about opportunities for building and decorating more ecologically, using materials that are nearby and easy to use. Help envision greater use of these techniques in Chicagoland and at the Nature Center. Consider how significant a contribution they can make to living sustainably.

Panelists are:
Chad Bliss, experienced in cob and strawbale construction, founder of the The Cob Connection.
Miguel Elliott http://yourmudhut.com/ a cofounder of Urban Habitat Chicago, which is pushing alternative material building in Chicago. He has recently started ChiCobCo.
Dave Kozlowski, of Little Green Houses, who has incorporated natural and greener building materials in numerous remodeling projects and new construction.
Judy Speer, who has utilized many techniques at her gathering center in McHenry County, which is offering
an introductory workshop, Saturday, October 22, $55 (includes lunch). Register by 10/15
815-648-1372, smwaters@intergate.com
Jamie Topper, creator of the cob hands sculpture in the Nature Center's preserve.

Some additional details about potential at the Nature Center
The Nature Center is considering using natural building techniques to create a structure at their nature study area in the next year or so. The nature study area is 12 acres at the SE corner of North Park Village, which is separate from the preserve, and has fewer restrictions on structures. A preliminary proposal will be developed for a future design charette at the Nature Center that primarily focuses on the preserve. This panel discussion will help those interested to explore the next steps.

The Nature Center's advisory committee initiated discussion of the project last month. They envision a secure (lockable) multi-functional structure, whose uses could include: tool and equipment storage, workshop presentations, nature observation and meditation. It could be build on the site of a demolished building in the north east leg of the nature study area, which has an intact cement floor. However, do not let this initial conceptualization limit your creativity.

For more information contact Rael Bassan at 773-907-1465 or raelrearth@yahoo.com

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