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Friday, December 30, 2005

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Bioregional Blessings
Saturday, February 25, 2-4 pm
At North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski, Chicago. Free.

Bioregionalism, often considered synonymous with permaculture, is gaining in influence. Driven by it's compelling vision, BioRegional spearheaded the development of the Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED), the UK's largest ecovillage and first zero carbon development. This project inspired China to contract with the BedZED engineers to design and build a number of eco-cities. Learn more about the bioregional vision, these projects, and other applications, plus similar ones in Illinois.

Find out about one of the more promising alternatives to corporate globalization -- bioregionalism. The presenter, Rael Bassan will talk about his experiences with the bioregional movement for over ten years, starting with Chicago's Wild Onion Alliance. Additional material discussed will include parts of Mike Carr's recent book Bioregionalism And Civil Society: Democratic Challenges to Corporate Globalism (July 2005). It describes the values, strategies, and tools for building sustainable societies, developed by this continent's bioregional movement.

Info: 773-907-1465 or raelearth(no spam at)yahoo(dot)com.

Additional bioregional resources include:

Toward a Bioregional State : A Series of Letters About Political Theory and Formal Institutional Design in the Era of Sustainability - by Mark D. Whitaker (May 2005).. He proposes that sustainability requires an overhaul of our democratic institutions -- suggesting the addition of over 60 different novel checks and balances.

Mark has also created: Get to Sustainability through Bioregionalism? A Reading List

Another definitional view... [Click there for more bioregional stuff]
Bioregionalism is a fancy name for living a rooted life. Sometimes called "living in place," bioregionalism means you are aware of the ecology, economy and culture of the place where you live, and are committed to making choices that enhance them.

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