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Listing selected events for those interested in living more sustainably with emphasis on ecological food production. Featuring the activities of the Chicagoland Urban Permaculture (CUP) Group -- promoting integrated living through permaculture. See Greening Chicago Calendar for more events.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coming up soon....

Gardening with Mushrooms
Saturday, March 24th
12 - 4 pm
Find out how to grow food as part of natures recycling program. Select two (logs or other processes) from several species and techniques to take home with you. Some are colorful and remain so for months. To register, $15 checks to Kenneth Otto, must be received by March 20. Please include your phone number. Follow up guidance will be provided.
At North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski, Chicago, 60646
Send checks there.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Permaculture and Sustainability ANNOUNCEMENTS --
Compiled by Chicagoland Urban Permaculture Group (CUP)
Best to verify all information, in case of changes.

** Home Hints
Sprouting: Winter Gardening - easy, nutritious, inexpensive
Simplifying your life? Take the online survey

*** NEW
* Biomimetic Biofuel Potential
Mixed prairie plantings on degraded land, => 2-5-fold net energy return
and also are significantly carbon negative. 7 December 2006
* Latest in local green homebuilding http://greenbean.typepad.com/
* UN report: cattle greatest threat to climate, produce 18% of greenhouse
gases. http://news.independent.co.uk/environment/article2062484.ece

Since climate change is here, and could be horrific:
1) See An Inconvenient Truth on global warming, starring Al Gore, with our planet's story.
Find showings in the area http://www.climatecrisis.net/findatheater/
Teachers get free copy < 11/18 http://www.participate.net/educators/ 50,000 copies available
Also If your school hasn't < 1/10 http://focusthenation.org/eblog/
2) Join a Global Warming Solutions Action Group for Chicago and Illinois.
3) Related free videos are:
* David Attenborough's Climate Chaos
Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/640x480/xmq0n
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/640x480/xmy11
* Global Dimming

OPPORTUNITIES for ecological living
* For Rent - share large 3 floor home - garden,
Eco-living intentional community possibilities.
Pulaski/Lawrence area. (773)283-0133 or 860-3296.
* Intentional Community forming in Woodlawn.

Continuing Through January 6
Sustainable Architecture in Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art,

** Additional Selected Events COMING UP

Sunday, January 7, 10am-1? Stelle intro, (near Kankakee)

Tuesday, January 9, 12:15pm-1pm Shanghai's Ecological Cities
New Urban Settlements, Gary Lawrence, Arup
John Buck Company Lecture Hall Gallery
ArchiCenter, 224 S. Michigan. Free

Wed, January 10, 7pm. Alliance for a Post Petroleum
Local Economy (APPLE). UU Church of Elgin

Wed, January 10, 7pm. Chicago Peak Oil
Energy Awareness Oriole Park Library, 7454 W. Balmoral

Thursday, January 11, 6pm, Natural Builders Meetup
Funky Buddha Lounge, 728 W Grand, Chicago

Saturday, January 13, 9-11:45am Voluntary Simplicity Chicago
Also Northwest Suburbs (2nd Wednesday)

Tuesday, January 17, 5:30 -7pm 21st Century Chicago Plan
Benefits of 3-8 Chicago Zoning Ordinance changes.
Garden for every home. Zero Energy House, Zoka Zola, 0/$15
AIA Chicago, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1049

Wednesday, January 17, 5:30pm-9:00pm Chicago Green Drinks
7-8 pm discussion - Local sustainability organizations
Jefferson Tap & Grill 325 N. Jefferson Cost: $5/2
http://www.foresightdesign.org/events/ (312) 670-7812

Saturday, January 20, 10:00 a.m. - noon
Town Hall Meeting on Global Warming
Whitney Young High School, 211 S. Laflin, Chicago,

Thursday, January 25, 7 pm Chicago New Urbanism &
Sustainable Development Meetup,
Starbucks, 828 N State. http://newurbanism.meetup.com/21

January 29 - February 2 Campus Climate Challenge
Put the heat on a new Congress. So far at NEIU, Truman College, UIC,
Get your local campus involved FREE Inconvenient Truth DVD

Monday, February 5, 7pm Chicago Environment Meetup
Mystic Celt, 3443 N Southport

Wednesday, February 7, 7-9 pm Urban Permaculture: Food Growing
Learn how to apply permaculture to urban living, home or apartment. Food/fertilizer, indoors/out. With Bill Shores, a professional organic grower. Includes a demonstration of indoor salad greens production. http://sustainCUP.blogspot.com/
North Park Village Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski; Chicago

* Green Tech classes: www.cityofchicago.org/Environment/GreenTech
* Greening Calendar quarterly http://www.greennetchicago.org/
Find community gardens in your neighborhood
* Conscious Choice Calendar http://consciouschoice.com/
* Get involved in restoring our local natural capital (nature)
At North Park Village Nature Center. Wednesday/Sunday. 9 am -12
Sites on the Chicago River http://www.northbranchrestoration.org/
Other places in Northern Illinois http://tinyurl.com/ok8cx

** UPDATE ** City's New Recycling & Drop-Off Centers
During 2007, blue cart recycling will be coming to wards 1, 5, 8, 19, 37, Wards 46 & 47. In the meantime, deposit unsorted recyclables (including #3, #4, #5 & #7 plastics) in the boxes at 15 Chicago Drop-Off Centers. The Chicago Center for Green Technology, 445 N. Sacramento is one of the sites. http://tinyurl.com/cmeb4 And for electronic and hazardous wastes, the Household Chemical and Computer Recycling Center, 1150 N. North Branch St. on Goose Island, is open Tues 7am-noon; Thurs 2-7pm; & 1st Sat 8am-3pm. Info call 311, http://tinyurl.com/wg4y3

World faces hottest year ever, as El NiƱo combines with global warming
..."essential" that a global agreement on emissions is struck quickly.
...[expect] extreme weather ...for at least the first four months of 2007
...[perhaps] lasting up to 18 months,... 01 January 2007


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